A story about Investment


Sweta Awasthi

12/6/20222 min read

An glimpse about Investment.

A story.Ha. Everybody wants to hear a story. If the topic is investment and if the story is from the mouth of a govt. bank manager, well it garner some sort of credibility isn't it. Now people ,I have been work for a government bank since last 8 years however I learned today about investment in real asset from an uneducated person.

It is not that I was not aware about how it works but today I got to know about an interesting perspective from a person who comes from a class which doesn't hold much education therefore knowledge. But that's so untrue. Education doesn't necessarily means knowledge. Knowledge also comes from having a practical mind and observant nature. Ok lots of gyaan.

Let me go back to the story. I was sitting in my car and I saw a beautiful home in a nearby town I went for my usual marketing visits. I grasp my breath and said "One day I will also make such a lovely home."My driver heard me and said "why to wait for that one day, you can buy a plot today and later build it". My fear arose as I remembered my father saying "Land belongs to him who captures it" and the scene from Hindi movie "Khosla ka ghosla" danced in front of me. The protagonist bought a plot of land from his hard earned money however it was captured by a big promoter through his power of goons and money. I didn't want to go into any such troubles so I ask my driver 'how will I protect my land from trespassing '. He answered "make boundaries around the land and plant bamboo trees around it. One man can be kept to take care weekly water the bamboo plant and ensure they are growing well.

Bamboo trees will give you extra income and your land can be protected too." Bingo! What an idea Sir ji. We educated financial experts couldn't think of it but he being an educated person can think about it. Wao.Here is a catch sometimes we are too grippled with our fears and the stories we learned from our seniors in the past that we forget to expand our mind and think logically out of the box. So with this I am ending my story. I hope it did gave you some insight. I am not saying you to follow what I preach but zara alag soch kar dekho yaar!

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