2023 - Recession


12/5/20222 min read

2023 Recession

The economic outlook for the US economy and the rest of the world is uncertain in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to which the online market increased and all tech companies like Amazon, Byjus and etc started hiring more resources to serve increased online market.

Due to which they started hiring lot people during pandemic. Now the spread is decreased and the need of online also going down they are in force to cut down the resources.

To start with Twitter layoff, Byjus plan to layoff 2500 employees this year and Amazon recently laid off arround 10k employees.

All of us in trouble!

Not really. If you skills are really good and replaceable by market then you are safe. But we can still follow Jeff request -

  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos advises people not to buy TVs, refrigerators or make any kind of costly purchases.

  • Bezos warns about the coming recession and asks people to save cash for the difficult times.

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